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Sports & Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a hands on treatment that is used to soften and stretch tight tissues to allow the body to move comfortably and freely. Sports massage is a discipline within remedial massage that is specifically aimed at improving an athlete’s performance and returning them back to full fitness when injured.


Remedial Massage
Restore Mobility & Remove Discomfort
Flexible, soft tissues allow the body to move comfortably and with freedom. This protects the joints, keeps them healthy and reduces discomfort. It can make you feel great and increase your body’s health.
Remove the Strain of Everyday Tasks
Strain cause by everyday work and general household tasks can be eased away with remedial massage. Research suggests it may also be able to slow the release of the stress hormone cortisol.
Healthy Body Systems
If we are too stiff to move freely our heart and lungs can’t maintain their health. Releasing the ribs and diaphragm helps your lungs expand and take in more oxygen. Digestion, constipation and painful periods can all be helped by massage and a general exercise routine.


Sports Massage
Rapid Return to Fitness
Our aim at the clinic is to provide you with treatments designed to get you back to full fitness as soon as possible.
Improve Performance
Muscles, tendons and ligaments can all cause problems which reduce an athlete’s capacity to perform at an optimum level. Sports massage works on the troubled soft tissues to restore optimum function. Our clients have said that a regular massage during event training helps performance during the event.
Avoid Injury
We can help you with the right training and stretches to optimise your performance and avoid injury.