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  • Moving every half hour could help limit effects of sedentary lifestyle

    Exercise is not enough to ward off the risks of sitting still for long periods of time, regular movement is needed, research shows. Moving your body at least every half an hour could help to limit the harmful effects of desk jobs and other sedentary lifestyles, research has revealed.  

  • Workplace interventions

    For increasing standing or walking for preventing musculoskeletal symptoms in sedentary workers
Sharon P Parry, Pieter Coenen, Peter B O’Sullivan, Christopher G Maher, Leon M Straker

  • Sitting Is Way, Way Worse For You Than You Thought

    A new study has some bad news: even exercise can’t counteract the effects of 8 hours of sitting per day. For better or worse, technology has bound us to our desks, making sitting on our bums for 8 hours a day the norm. Unsurprisingly, there are consequences for a sedentary lifestyle, the worst of which are related to our health. Sitting is terrible for you, and everyone knows it.