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Cranial Osteopathy

The name cranial osteopathy is slightly misleading and is a name that has
been inherited from its founder, and osteopath, William Garner Sutherland
over 110 years ago. Actually cranial osteopathy can be directed anywhere
on the body and is not just applied to the head. It is a very gentle technique
that is learnt by the osteopath and recognises the inherent self-regulating,
self-healing mechanism within the body. It requires an acute sense of touch
and works to help the body regain equilibrium.

Many people come to the clinic specifically for cranial osteopathy and they
bring with them a wide variety of problems for us to address such as muscular
or skeletal pain, migraines, headaches, sinusitis, tinnitus, injuries as a result of falls, road traffic accidents, or concussion, pregnancy related issues, childhood illnesses such as ear infections, irritable babies, colic, digestive problems, menopause and menstrual issues.